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About us

Suzhou Yunqi Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, on the Yangtze River Delta, closed to Shanghai, being one of the professional adhesive products enterprises in China, which integrates researching, developing , producing and selling as an organic whole.
With 6 coating lines, we re specializing in designing and producing following industrial adhesive tapes with quality and at competitive prices:

Silicone Tapes: polyimide tape, polyester tape, glass cloth tape and PTFE(Teflon) tape;
Double-sided Tapes: Silicone double-sided Tapes(Including PI/PET/Glass cloth tapes), Acrylic double-sided Tapes(Including tissue/polyester/foam tapes);
Hot Melt Adhesive film: EVA/PO/TPU/PU/PES/PA Hot Melt Adhesive film.

Over the years, Yunqi company continuously introduce advanced technology and equipment, based on independent research and innovation.

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