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PES hot melt adhesive film

NAME: PES hot melt adhesive film

Description: This product is a polyester material, white film, environmental non-toxic, low temperature bonding, high tear is strong, high oil resistance, low compression deformation, easy to high frequency, pumping air into vacuum state, such as hot pressing method processing.

Application: PES hot melt adhesive film is widely used in clothing, reflective material, wall paper, wall cloth, cotton, linen, wool, chemical fiber, cellulose, pyrograph products, etc.

PES of hot melt adhesive is a main chain containing ester base of the preparation of polymers with other ingredients. Melting point and glass transition temperature is higher, so the heat resistance of film also is better.

       Main ingredients: polyester

       Appearance: ivory

       Melting point: 110 ~ 120

       Hot pressing temperature: 130 ~ 150

       Hot pressing time: 10 ~ 15 s

       Pressure: 1 ~ 3 kg/cm2

       The thickness of the product specification: 0.05 ~ 0.2 mm width 48 ~ 150 cm

       The thickness error: + / - 0.005 mm

       Bonding strength: 38 > n / 2.5 cm

       Base material: from type paper, or no base material of bare PES membrane

       PES hot melt adhesive

       Features: the textile adhesive fastness and washing resistance is superior, the PVC label, leather products excellent bonding performance.

       Application: apply to fabric composite/washable, dry cleaning clothing lining/waterproof zipper/leather/industrial chain shoes materials/embroidery chapter, PVC label, woven label, etc. The sign of adhesive.

       Use equipment recommendations: electric iron, steam iron, hot press, hot roller machine (pressure lining machine), high frequency press.

       Specification: the thickness of the wide can be customized according to customer s requirements, and we can do without the backing material bare PES membrane

       PES hot melt adhesive has the following advantages:

       Die cutting molding with base material, the rubber is easy to be high-frequency fusing machine cutting die cut, operation speed, high efficiency; Low melting point, need not heated to high temperature, to avoid the upper base material after high temperature deformation and metamorphism;

       Crystalline curing speed, high frequency hot pressing after the finished product, simply place a few minutes after the fastness and achieve the best effect, shortened the time of delivery of the products.

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