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EVA hot melt adhesive film

NAME: EVA hot melt adhesive film
Description: This product belongs to acrylic acid copolymer, texture soft, environmental non-toxic, no smell! Bond strength is weak, but by high frequency, thermal radiation, such as electric heating way processing.
Application: EVA hot melt adhesive film applied, wall paper, wall cloth, watches, no water to wash the material bonding, weak bonding strength, the application of the requirements of the low viscosity product.
EVA hot melt adhesive film series products for our company adopts imported raw materials formula, use of advanced production technology, low temperature of the composite, adhesive range, technical indicators are as follows:
 Material: EVA, viscosity resin, etc
 Product specifications: 0.04-0.3mm thickness, 48-150 cm width
 The thickness error: + / - 0.005 mm
 Melting point: 60-80 oc
 Ironing temperature: 80-130
 Press time: 5 ~ 20 s
 Application: apply to PET, leather, non-woven fabric, wood, paper, aluminum foil, metals, and other areas of the joint.
 Silicon substrate material: single or double silicone mold of paper.
 Film appearance: transparent or translucent
 Pack pack: 100 yards per roll or as customer s requirements.

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