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PO hot melt adhesive film

NAME: PO hot melt adhesive film
Description: This product belongs to the ethylene, propylene acid copolymer, metal, can produce very good stickiness, also has good viscosity of textile fabrics, for wood and paper material has better viscosity. Application field is relatively wide, and can be no carrier molding (without the debonding paper production).
Application: Can bonding metal, plastic, paper, wood, ceramics, textiles and other materials, the uneven surface of adhesive also can obtain good effect; Mainly used for the nameplate, adhesive plastic, hardware, electronic products, metal shell of the bonding fixed, the reinforcement plate bonding fixed, smart card, chip passports laminating adhesive, mobile phone window frame and the front cover of the adhesive, camera battery slot of adhesive, etc.
This kind of hot melt adhesive film is an ideal environmental protection adhesive materials, widely used in embroidery logo stickers, armbands, trademark glue, cloth, fabric composite, such as more than used for clothing, bags, logo, weaving, toy products, etc.
Hot melt adhesive back belongs to green pollution-free and harmless to the human body high polymer material, hot melt adhesive suitable for professional ShangBiaoChang back (and plastic LOGO embroidered). The hot melt adhesive film under normal temperature is solid, not glue the hand. After heating melt glue line to produce viscous, after waiting for curing two objects can be firmly stuck., acid and alkali resistant, resistant to washing, dry cleaning performance is good resistance to tension, good adhesion, low melting point, and match all fabric (cotton, nylon, polyester, blending, etc.) in general and then be sure processing standards. In the aspect of processing operation is very convenient and only steam iron or hot press and. Over the years domestic electricity embroider line with Europe and the United States, gradually replace the low quality rough seam LOGO (chapter chapter embroidery badges, embroidery, embroidery, badges, armbands, ZhangZai, and other rubber chapter), the back glue is most certainly adhesive film machine embroidery industry.
Choose the method of hot melt adhesive film and matters needing attention:
 1, what is the material you need adhesive? Different material of hot melt adhesive, adhesive fastness of different material is different, is not that kind of glue for all materials adhesive bonding is greater than all the others, such as polyurethane fastness to textile fabrics is extremely strong, and the bonding strength of PE plastic is nearly zero;
 2, your material the highest ability how much temperature of heating. Such as your highest heat resistance should not exceed 130 , then you have to choose the hot melt adhesive melting point is lower than 130 , because if the processing temperature of less than the melting point of glue, glue not melt, stick relay is almost zero;
 3, you use adhesive products, whether to consider the soft? Whether to consider the application under high temperature or low temperature environment? Whether to pass water? If we need to dry cleaning? Whether to continue tensile tensile? If there is the above requirements, it will choose to have more than the corresponding performance of the film.
 4, if there is a variety of adhesive can choose, choose the most cost-effective adhesive; In can meet the requirements of your bonding situation, choose the thinnest adhesive (glue the thinner, the lower the price).
 5, call or online contact sea company sales personnel, can I help you choose the most accord with you need hot melt adhesive film products.

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