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Thin PE waterproof tape

PE Foam Tape Composed of Resistance Compression Foam With a High Strength Acrylic Adhesive or Solvent Rubber on Single or Double-sided and Laminated with Film Release Liner. Its Ideal to Substitute 3M/TESA/NITTO/SCAPA Products.
Features: PE Foam Tape Has Characteristic of Sound-Absorbing、Shock-proofing and Sealing Which Convenient to Bond to Various of Products. PE Foam Tape has Strong Stress Dispersion、 Absorption Ability、Good Weather Resistance and Durability. Water Resistance: Closed-cell Structure、Non-absorbent、Moisture-proof and Waterproof. Corrosion Resistance: Seawater Resistance、Oil、Acid、Alkali and Other Corrosion Chemical Resistance、 Antibacterial、Non-toxic、Tasteless and Non-polluting. Processing: No Splice., Easy for Hot Pressing, Cutting, Coating and Laminating. Vibration Resistance: Good Resilience and Tensile Strength; Good Shockproof. Heat-Insulating: Heat Insulation, Cold-proof, Good Resistant to Low Temperature and Exposure. Sound Insulation: Closed Foam, Good Sound Insulation.
Application:This Products is Widely Applied at Automobile、Air-conditioning、Refrigerator、Freezer、Household Appliances、Cold Storage and Freezing Engineering. Its Used for Inner Lining Material of Skate Shoes、Sports Shoes 、The Carrier of Insole Sports Shoes、 Back Cushion of Bag 、Surfboard、 kneeling Pad and Other Top-Grade Foam Tape Products; For Usage of Heat Insulation at Cold Defense Building and Light Roof Construction; For Car Seat、Car Interiors Decoration、Car Roof 、Foot Pad and Sunshade Board Material. This Material is Also Used as A Shockproof、Packing and Other Application Material at Electric Appliance、Precision Instruments、Equipment and Other Electronic Products. It Can be Applied at Automotive Electronic Accessories、Air Conditioning Parts、 Cold Storage Materials、 Sealing and Shockproof of Machinery and Equipment 、Inner Lining Packing for Medical Tool、Measuring, Sporting Goods, Intellectual Building Blocks.

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